Relationship and Sex Coach

Michele Lisenbury Christensen has incorporated many philosophies and disciplines into her relationship and sex coaching business.  The challenge for this project was how to capture this depth of information into a succinct video for her website  The goal was to give viewers a glimpse of her offering to generate interest in working with her.  We settled on an interview style filming rather than using a script.  I captured 25+ minutes of great footage and condensed it into a two minute video.  The extra footage will be useful for future videos for her website.

Michele was a great collaborator and has amazing passion for her work.  I enjoyed learning about her offering and how helpful it can be for couples.

Tools: Canon EOS 70D, Zoom H5 Handy Recorder, Sennheiser ME66 Mic, DIY Lighting Kit, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Wistia video hosting