Americano Foam Visions: Make America Americano Again

WTF (Why This Film)
I love watching the foam in my coffee change shape from the time the barista finishes making it.  I wanted to share my experience in hope that you have foam visions too.

How It Was Made
I went to Cafe Lladro in Fremont Seattle, set up my camera at one of the big wood tables, started filming and had the barista pour my Americano at the table.  The foam did it's thing and created some great visions or shapes.  Seeing the formation of the United States and Mexico was the inspiration for the soundtrack.  Donald Trump came to mind, hence his inclusion.  What shapes do you see?

ToolsCanon EOS 70D, Natural Lighting, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Youtube and Wistia for hosting.


What IfWill Miceli